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United Motors Celebrates Fleet Customers in the Kingdom

United Motors Company has held a special event at Al-Faisaliah Resort in Riyadh for its interest in communication and strengthening relations with the success partners in the fleet business sector of corporate and distributors.

The ceremony was attended by senior owners, heads and officials of the leading companies in the automotive sector and in the presence of senior officials of Fiat Chrysler Automobile Middle East (FCA), headed by Mr. Marco Melanie, Regional Commercial Director for the Middle East, and UMC CEO Eng. Hesham AlHussayen.

In the context of the ceremony, Eng. Hisham Al Hussain welcomed the guests and thanked them for their presence and honor for this ceremony, noting its importance as a celebration and expression of gratitude to the partners of success for their valuable contributions in consolidating the company’s position in the Saudi car market and appreciation from the company for their tireless efforts to achieve the goals.

“Our work today as one family requires us to reorganize our papers to keep up with market variables in accordance with a delicate approach and a renewed structure to reach our customers and their aspirations to improve services and provide products that are able to compete and strongly in the Saudi market.

The ceremony included a display of the company’s target cars by fleet clients such as Dodge Neon, Pick-Up Ram 1200, and Fiat Professional.

At the end of the ceremony, mini-golf games were held at the resort and were then invited guests to dinner, which included awards to the winners.

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