Hassan AlShamrani


Saudi Arabia’s automotive industry is hailed as one of the most prominent markets in the Middle East, both in size and capabilities. Recently, the Saudi automotive market has witnessed a qualitative leap due to the latest structural reforms, such as the issuance of driving licenses to women, and the influx of new competitors, which has increased the competition between the relevant parties. Through fierce competition, United Motors Group remains motivated to deliver the finest products, pushing the boundaries of both performance and design at competitive prices and offer a service maintenance check that goes beyond our customers’ expectations.

To beat the competition, the United Motors Group has invested in building a robust work environment, where creativity is encouraged, and employees are provided with top-notch training opportunities to enhance their skills and boost their loyalty to the company. We believe that having a dynamic and distinguished team is the key to achieving the Group’s vision and strategic objectives. We have also laid a solid framework to facilitate the Group’s growth as we continue to expand our footprint in the Saudi Automotive market and explore new opportunities.

At United Motors, we are committed to empowering both men and women in the Saudi workforce, a crucial principle of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which aims to open doors for the prosperity of Saudi youth. Our commitment is reflected in the high number of Saudi citizens among our workforce.

The United Motors Group’s commitment to fulfilling our duty towards our employees, customers, and society is paramount. We actively participate in community service programs for the larger benefit of our people.

Our commitment to professional excellence shines through our pledge to provide the highest level of service to our valued customers.