Craig Hardie


United Motors Group is working hard to study and follow the market developments to prepare itself for the future of mobility as Saudi Arabia implements the 2030 vision. We also make every effort to keep up with automotive industry updates, especially electric cars, which are viewed as a solution to preserve and sustain the environment. Although electric cars have some disadvantages, they are unquestionably more eco-friendly than any gasoline or diesel vehicle, as numerous studies have shown.

Sustainability is at the core of our operations, and we take immense pride in offering environmentally friendly products. We have embraced the shift towards hybrid and electric vehicles, contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions. Moreover, we actively engage in community campaigns focused on environmental preservation, partnering with government entities for impactful initiatives such as beach clean-ups and tree-planting projects across the kingdom.

I am pleased and honored that United Motors Group do actively participate in His Highness the Crown Prince’s Green Initiative for a more sustainable global future, which will provide significant investment opportunities to the private sector and job opportunities for the Kingdom’s next generation of leaders. The initiative will also have a positive effect on the Middle East and the whole world. Furthermore, it will represent the Kingdom’s and the region’s direction in protecting land and wildlife with its ambitious milestones clearly mapped out while boosting global goals towards a greener environment and combating global warming.

On a different level, it is integral to highlight the core driver of our business is the customer. Our ultimate goal as an operation is to measure the operational drivers of the customer experience, which should be transformed into actions that reflect a smooth customer journey.
The only way to do that is to ensure that every detail such as processing time, staffing levels, transparency, or reliability is fulfilled at every touchpoint.

In conclusion, as we move towards a brighter future, our significant investments are shifted towards the people who are our most important resource for our organization. At United Motors Group, we are committed to providing employees with opportunities for growth and supporting our workforce in meeting the demands of tomorrow.