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Fiat at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show

Fiat at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show

  • The S-Design and Mirror families take to the stage in Geneva: Fiat’s response to the latest requirements in terms of style, urban personality and connectivity.
  • The show features the world première of the new 124 Spider S-Design – the ideal vehicle for those who seek driving emotion under an open sky, with a strong character and dynamic flair. It is joined by 500X and Tipo, also in S-Design trim.
  • Technology and style are the strengths of 500X Mirror, 500 Mirror and 500L Mirror, which feature the UconnectTM infotainment system with Apple CarPlayTM integration and Android AutoTM compatibility, a special technological blue livery and unique details.
  • Mirror is the first special series dedicated to the whole 500 family, the evolution of the Fiat icon that has enthralled millions of motorists all over the world.
  • Special series have always been a unique feature of the Fiat brand, one of the keys to the success of many models across the Fiat range and above all, the secret behind the eternal youth of the iconic 500.
  • At the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show, the Fiat brand is exhibiting its range with a display that is wider and more complete than ever, featuring the S-Design and Mirror families, which offer solutions to the most advanced requirements in terms of style, personality and connectivity.

The Geneva Motor Show will see the début of the 124 Spider S-Design, alongside the 5-door Tipo and the 500X S-Design, all vehicles with very different characteristics and dedicated to those who like to express their own dynamic character by choosing a car with a distinctive identity.

The S-Design is indeed Fiat’s answer to those who seek style and content with a contemporary, dynamic and distinctive character. In this trim, the vehicle is a combination of sportiness, style and seduction, capable of winning over motorists at first glance. It has an unmistakable personality that reflects that of young, dynamic consumers. For the very first time, a special series carries across the Fiat model range and makes a perfect match for both of the worlds embodied by the brand – the functional and emotional sides of Fiat.

But in Geneva, Fiat is not just all about S-Design. An area of the stand will also host the Mirror family, the first special series to embrace the entire 500 family. Fiat’s special series have always been a unique feature of the brand, one of the keys to the success of many models across the Fiat range and, above all, that of the iconic Fiat 500, a vehicle that comes in a host of versions, and has explored the most diverse territories, so further prolonging its unique, eternal youth. Throughout its long history, some of the most memorable versions are the 500C by Gucci, the 500 by Diesel, the 500 Riva and the recent 500-60th and Anniversary editions, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the icon of the house of Fiat.

Since its launch, Fiat 500 has broken every rule in the book of the traditional market, showing that even a small vehicle can generate a family of affordable and attractive models capable of guaranteeing maximum levels of personality and functionality, and become a resounding international success as well. Eighty per cent of all the Fiat 500 vehicles produced are sold outside Italy and in 2017 the Fiat icon was the leading car in eight countries worldwide, also making the leader board in another seven nations.

With the 500L and 500X versions, Fiat 500 moves away from traditional segment classification, combining characteristics from different categories and breathing life into two vehicles that are benchmarks in their respective segments. In this way, the 500 family offers three very diverse vehicles in terms of usage and personality, which meet the requirements of all customers and the rising demand for new experiences, while continuing to share the same original and characteristic exciting style of the Fiat icon.

And indeed style, along with technology, are undoubtedly the highlights of the new Mirror special series – available across the entire 500 family – thanks to the 7-inch HD Live Uconnect radio with high resolution touchscreen, and to the range’s Apple CarPlay integration and Android Auto compatibility, which make the driving experience an all-round life experience for the motorist to enjoy in total safety.

So, with the Mirror and S-Design families the Fiat brand meets the latest needs of the market and offers every customer the chance to express their own identity also through the vehicle they drive.

Completing the Fiat stand is a wide array of accessories and products developed and designed by Mopar to personalise every vehicle.

Fiat stand

The stand in Geneva is all set to welcome visitors with typical Italian elegance and style. It is a brand-new exhibition space that captures the forms and meets the requirements of contemporary design. At this year’s International Motor Show, the Fiat models will also be joined by Abarth vehicles, underlining the link between the two brands. The two worlds will maintain their respective characteristic traits and be displayed in easily identifiable areas of the stand that are separate but adjoining, with no clear dividing lines.

Fluidity and dynamic flair mark and identify the two areas but without creating obstacles, and the multimedia contents visible from every angle of the stand are designed to draw visitors in, engaging and virtually transporting them on a journey through the worlds of Fiat and Abarth.

There will also be a dedicated area in which visitors can get up close to the world of original accessories developed by Mopar®, in partnership with the Fiat brand. The new unique colour scheme of the alloy wheel rims available in 11 different shades is particularly notable, and this is one of the elements with which Mopar further expands the concept of tailoring, an element typical of Italian tradition, applying it to the automotive world to offer the motorist countless possibilities to customise their vehicle.

In the Middle East, the Fiat range is available from the following official distributors:

Bahrain: Behbehani Brothers
Jordan: Advanced Automotive Trading Co. (AAT)
Kuwait: Al Mulla & Behbehani Motor Company (MBMC)
Lebanon: Gargour Automotive Co.
Oman: Dhofar Automotive
Qatar: New Trade Engineering (NTE)
Saudi Arabia: United Motors Company (UMC)
UAE: National Auto / Western Motors

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